UNGLASSES Blue Light Cut Glasses BO022 Anglasses

Delivery is 2-3 weeks after purchase.

[Blue Light Cut] Top class blue light cut rate 30 %! With the quality guaranteed by the proprietary test, smartphone, PC, TV game ... cut blue light and ultraviolet light emitted in various situations.

[Flexible and secure design] It is designed to be broken by the unique resin processing cell frame.

[Outstanding fit] It is designed that the ear is hard to hurt even if it is spent for a long time by human engineering.

[Lightweight design] The weight is 21.3g, the top class. It is light to forget what you are wearing.

[Material] adopt TR90. It is also used for medical equipment and baby bottles.

[Various ways of utilization] Because it is a Boston type that gives a gentle and intelligent image, it can be used in various scenes from business to private, such as telework, online, online classes, and online drinking parties. It can also be used as a Date glasses that uses colorless and transparent lenses.

[Overwhelming low price] Transfer directly with the factory and "production and shipment" achieved overwhelming low and high quality.

[Very satisfying package content] It is ideal for gifts as well as glasses, glasses case, glasses wiping, hinge adjustment driver, blue light cut inspection equipment, and even dedicated packing box.

[Enriched Japanese company after -sales service] We have a return guarantee service in case of incomplete products. We are preparing thorough services for the satisfaction of our customers even after purchasing.

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